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Using external tools

Synchronize It! supports custom tools, which can be applied to files/folders being synchronized. One tool is used to compare files, so you must select the "Use for file comparison" checkbox for it.

How do I add new tool?

Press Add button, select the executable to run, and set the tool's name. This name you will see in the tools menu. Next, define your desired parameters for the tool: you can type them in Parameters area, or select from predefined list of parameters by pressing >> button. This list includes most of items you can need - file path, file directory, and more. For example, it will insert {$SourcePath} macro, if you select "Source file" from list.

Passing parameters to your tools

In addition to any static parameters, you can pass also name of the file several predefined parameters:

  • {$SourcePath}: left file in selected line
  • {$TargetPath}: right file in selected line
  • ${SourceFolder}: folder path of left file
  • ${TargetFolder}: folder path of right file
  • ${ActivePath}: currently highlighted file (left or right)
  • ${ActiveFolder}: folder of currently highlighted file (left or right)
  • ${PassivePath}: pair file to active one
  • ${PassiveFolder}: folder of non-active file
  • ${NewFileList}: name of file with list of newer files, selected to copy
  • ${BackupList}: name of file with list of older files, selected to be overwritten
Tip: %D,%M and %Y in parameters list will expand to day, month and year respectively.

Using Compare It! as comparison tool

It's recommended that you use Compare It! as external comparison tool. Synchronize It! will recognize it by wincmp3.exe name. In this case you can leave parameters field empty, letting program to use best suited parameters.

Built-in tools

There are several built-in tools, which you can find under Tools menu:

  • Open: run associated application for currently selected file;
  • Copy To: let you copy selected files to another location;
  • Package: create package from selected files.

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