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What is Package?

Package is similar to snapshot - it also keeps folder listing. However, package is able to include actual files in addition to files list. Main purpose of packages - synchronizing remote computers without having to transfer full folder content..

How to create a Package?

Just as snapshot, you can create package by synchronizing a folder into new package file with .pkg extension. To avoid messing with similar extensions, you can just browse for file using commands from additional files menu:

How to synchronize remote computers with package?

Suggest we have working folder on 2 computers A (home) and B (office). For best results they should be equal before first stage.

  1. Create package at your home computer A by synchronizing your working folder into new package file. Now package includes only listing of files on computer A.
  2. After productive working day at computer B, synchronize your folder with package. When you copy new files to package, actual files will be copied into package. Now package include listing of B + files that you need to bring to A.
  3. When you come home, synchronize home folder with package - new files from package will be copied into folder.
Now everytime before you start working synchronize working folder with package to get latest files. Once finished, synchronize again to store updated files. Synchronize It! will automatically keep new files in package, and remove copied files from it to keep minimal transfer size.

Preparing update package from 2 folders

There is also alternative way to create package, useful when you need to create update package from 2 local folders comparison. When file list is ready, choose menu command Tools > Package. You will be prompted for file name and which files to include in package - you can create package with all new files from both folders, or just from one side.

This approach is useful when you need to send update to another person, and you have local copy of his\her files.

Using packages to request update

If you don't have copy of colleague's files, there is simple trick to request changes that were made. Create package from your working folder (do not forget that newly created package only includes file listing) and send this package to your friend. He then synchronize package with his folder, storing all changed files in package. As an additional bonus, he will see if you have some newer files. Once you receive your package back, you can synchronize it with your folder to get recent state.

Behind the scenes

Package do not limit your exchange ability to only those friends who is using Synchronize It! too. In fact package is just a zip file, which includes file with latest listing and folder with all currently transferred files. Since these files keep original filenames and folders structure, you can rename .pkg file to .zip and send it to everybody you need.

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