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What is Snapshot?

Suggest you want to find out which changes were made to system folder during some software installation. With Synchronize It! you can generate special file, which will keep listing of all files in folder with all their attributes, such as size and modification date. Such listing we call folder's Snapshot.

How to create Snapshot?

You can create snapshot by synchronizing a folder into new snapshot file with .pck extension. Note that this approach allows you to include in snapshot only files of specific types.

  1. Select folder for snapshot as Source;
  2. Specify path and file name for snapshot as Target, note that .pck extension is a signal to create a snapshot;
  3. Specify any additional options you want - whether to include subfolders, which files to list, etc.;
  4. Set Synchronize action;
  5. Press Preview;
  6. Once file list will be ready, press Synchronize to create snapshot;

How to compare Snapshot with folder?

To compare folder with snapshot just specify snapshot file as source or target and follow common steps. You can even "copy" files to existing snapshot to update that file listing. "Copying" file from snapshot will not do anything, since there are no actual data in snapshot file.

If you want to synchronize folders on non-connected PCs, you may want to check Package, which is similar to snapshot but can also include actual changed files along with pure folder listing.

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