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Command Line Usage

This topic shows examples of how you can use Synchronize It! in a command line.


wndsync.exe folder1 folder2 [files mask] [options]
wndsync.exe SessionName [options]


  • folder1 and folder2 are the folders to compare. You can also use here archive name, ftp sessions name etc. Use quotes if name includes spaces: "Long Project Name"
  • SessionName can be either Session or Project name. If you have Project and Session with same name (what is not recommended), Session will be picked by default. Use /P switch to select Project in such case.
  • options are explained below:

    /P=ProjectName Useful if you have sessions and projects with same names.
    /sync select action: Synchronize
    /back select action: Backup
    /update select action: Update
    /copy select action: Duplicate
    /auto Automatic unattended run, no interface 1
    /show When used with /auto displays main window to show progress. You can add digit at the end to change default 5s delay time before actions, /show0 will disable it.
    /show- Same as /show, but do not close app if there were errors during process.
    /showA Same as /show, but activate window instead of keeping it minimized at background
    /scan Start folders comparison immediately
    /O search orphan files only
    /M search matched files only
    /R include subfolders
    /RM include matched subfolders only
    /X exclude files by list, ex. /X"*.html *.css"
    /XD exclude subfolders by list, ex. /XD"backup; My Pictures"
    /date comparison mode: By date + size
    /smart comparison mode: By date + content
    /cnt comparison mode: By content
    /size comparison mode: By size only
    /nolog Disables logging for current session
    /log Enables logging for current session 2
    /log0 Enables logging and force logging even if no files were copied 2
    /date: Advanced filters: date range, see below
    /- Advanced filters: not older then, see below
    /size Advanced filters: size limit, see below
    /A Use archive bit
    /H Ignore hidden and system files
    /print [Printer_Name] Print folders comparison report, quit afterwards. You can optionally specify printer name after /print.
    /report[:CS] report_file Generates folders comparison report in HTML format. See below for report options details

Note 1: To prevent errors /auto switch will only work if you specify in command line either Session\Project name or source and target folders.
Note 2: Both /log and /log0 switches can be followed by alternative log file name with full path: /log c:\newlog.html

Using Advanced date filtering with command line

To filter files by date you can use one of these rules:

Not older then (/-) Date range (/date:)
  • /-H3: 3 hours
  • /-D : today
  • /-D2: 2 days
  • /-W: this week
  • /-W4: 4 weeks
  • /-M: this month
  • /-M6: 6 months

If second date is omitted, only files modified after specified date are searched.

  • /date:24.12.2005-01.01.2006
  • /date:01.01.2006

Advanced filters: limit search by file size

Here are few examples of correct command line for size filtering:

/size+100K files greater then 100 KB
/size-10M files less then 10 MB
/size=100 files with size equal to 100 bytes

Report options

Currently only following report options are recognized:
C Use external CSS file
S Include same files in report

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