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Options : Archives

In addition to internally supported zip archives, Synchronize It! can work with most other archive types by using external archivers. Configuration for these archives support will be stored in additional file, usually wndsync.arc, or in Registry. Now you can edit external archivers settings directly in Options.

Preconfigured archiver doesn't work?

Please note that Synchronize It! has to invoke external packer directly, so if it not available in standard folders, you may need to enter full path to archiver tool.

How to add support of another archive type?

To add your own archive type, you will need to check switches and listing format for this tool. Alternatively, contact us and we'll try to help you.

Tool Program used to pack files into archive
Unpacker If another program is required for unpacking, specify it here
Extensions List of common file extensions for this archive type, separated with space (ex: lzh lz)
List Command to generate listing of archive content. Result listing should include all necessary information, like file date, size and path;
List begin Substring in content listing, declaring that actual files are listed below. This is used to skip copyright and other general information from listing
List end Similary to List begin, this is string which can be found after all files in listing
Format Format description - used to parse information in listing
Add Command to add files to archive
Delete Command line to delete files from archive
Get Command to extract file from archive
Long names Check, if archive support long file names
Pipe output Declares alternative method of getting information from archiver - only set it if you can't get archive working without this option
OEM Text Set it if you have problems with file names in non-English language

All commands can include next parameters:

  • %p - pack tool;
  • %u - unpack tool;
  • %A - archive name;
  • %F - file name.

Format information

To read information from listing produced by archiver, Synchronize It! have to know format of this file. lformat key describes it by using string of next format:

lformat= L|X|X|X|MM-dd-yy|hh:mm|X|N
  • '|' is a word delimiter,
  • X - unused word (like packed size, attributes, etc.),
  • L - original file length,
  • MM-dd-yy - date format (MM for month, dd-day, yy-year),
  • hh:mm - time format (hh-hours, mm-minutes, ss-seconds),
  • N - full file name,
  • N! - file name at the line and (to use possible spaces in name),
  • C - CRC32 (cyclical redundancy check). Synchronize It! can use this value to compare files in archive, if "Compare files of same size" in StartDialog is set. If you do not want to use CRC, simply replace it with X mark.

Some archivers use system date format in listing. For this case there is special format values:

  • date - date in system format;
  • datey - same as above, but year is always last.

Also, format line can start with several '$', meaning to merge 2 or more lines into one.

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