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How to work with FTP servers

Synchronize It! allows you to work with FTP servers as with local folders, however since connection to FTP requires some additional data you will have to configure FTP servers list.

For each server you can specify following data:

Name Readable name of this entry - you will refer this name in Start Dialog
Server + port If you are not sure about port number, leave default value - 21
User+password Your access name and password. Or set Anonymous check box if this is server with public access
Folder Default remote path to open when connecting. Set this to your synchronization path on remote server
Firewall\proxy You may need this if you are behind corporate firewall. If you are not sure, do not use this option.
Use lower case file names Always convert file names to lower case when uploading to this server.
Create list files Synchronization with FTP servers is difficult because in most cases server does not let to set correct time for copied file, instead it set date-time to current. As result next date comparison will fail to find same files. Getting each file for byte-to-byte comparison is too slow. Synchronize It! can solve this problem by uploading list of files with correct dates. This file is usually named $7list7$.txt, to avoid conflict with your existing files.

Once you have configured your server, you can choose it in Start Dialog by typing name as ftp:ServerName directly in edit field, or by selecting it from list.

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