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Using variables

What is variable?

Instead of using direct path in Sessions, Synchronize It! lets you configure a Variable - text name you can use instead of path. This can be useful in several cases:

  • if your path is very long, or you work with several similar paths, it maybe easier to use short text names instead;
  • if you often move your working folder (or work on different PCs), you will have to change Sessions everytime you move. With Variables you can simply change it in one place and all your Sessions will use new path automatically;

Using variables

To use Variable, just enter it with following syntax: $(VarName). You can also choose it using browser by pressing arrow button next to Source\Target fields.

Adding your own variables

You can add\modify your own variables in View > Options > Vars.

Using system variables

In addition to your own variable, you can also use system environment variables with following syntax: %VarName%

Special variables

  • %D,%M and %Y will expand to day, month and year number respectively.
  • %:\ will expand to the same drive letter, on which wndsync.exe is located at the moment - this is useful when configuring flash drive based sync tool.
  • You can also use relative pathes - it will be expanded from the folder with wndsync.exe.

Using drives names as variables

Now you can use volume names as variables. For example, if you have drive D:\ with name "Work", you can use $(work)\Project, which will be expanded to d:\Project. This can be useful in several scenarios:

  • If you are using several flash drives, you can configure Session to use it's names. Then Synchronize It! will work with correct drive even if next time drive letter would change.
  • When synchronizing several locations with removable drive, you could configure Session to use drive names for both removable storage and local drive. Then, if your local drives have same names, you can do all work with single session, even if drive letters differ.
You can check and set drive name in Properties for that drive.
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