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Working with File list

File list give you ability to preview synchronization task, select which files you want to copy, change direction if you find it more suitable etc.

Dual selection

One of the new features in version 3 is ability to select multiple files in files list. However it could a bit confusing first time - now we have 2 selection modes:

  • Synchronization marks - permanent selection, shown with checkboxes on the left side of the list. These marks defines whether file will be copied during synchronization process. You can toggle these marks by clicking on checkboxes or with SPACE key.
  • Temporary selection - this selection is similar to files selection in Windows Explorer. You can use it to do group operations: toggle synchronization marks, change direction, invoke DoItNow function etc. Files with such selection are highlighted with different color.

Collapsing folders

Another new addition is collapsible folders in file list. It allows your to hide some files from list to simplify your work. To toggle folder state click plus\minus sign next to folder name. You can quickly toggle all folders state in menu View > Toggle Folders or with Ctrl + Gray / shortcut.

By default files in collapsed folders are synchronized just as usual. In some cases you may find it good to change this behaviour to ignore files in closed folders. You can change this setting in View > Options > Interface

Folder statistics

For each folder in file list Synchronize It! displays number of files in this folder to be copied in each direction. Note that if you have chosen to ignore files in collapsed folders, closed folders will not show any stats.


Filter feature helps you to limit files listed (and processed!) by several rules:

  • By place:
  • Source only;
  • Target only;
  • Matching only;
  • By suggested file operation:
  • copy to source;
  • copy to target;
  • delete;
Files, which were filtered out and are not visible, will NOT be copied\deleted!
This lets you quickly upgrade one side of folders comparison without losing current comparison results.
Note that folders statistics numbers will change when you apply filters to reflect new quantity of files in work.

Invoking files comparison

Synchronize It! lets you use any file comparison tool you like. We recommend using our Compare It! to get best results - Synchronize It! will automatically pass all required parameters to it.

To specify file comparison tool configure it in Tools dialog, and set "Use for file comparison" flag.

Status bar

In status bar you can see number of different files in process:

Total files number of different files found
number of selected files - these files will be copied
number of files to be deleted
number of files to copy to left side
number of files to copy to right side
number of conflict files

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