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Working with file filters

Synchronize It! lets you select which files you want to synchronize. In most cases single file mask looks like *.ext (ex: *.doc for MS Word files). But you can make more complex masks, keeping in mind that * means "any characters sequence". As an example, mask my*.doc will match my letter.doc and my fax.doc, but not project.doc

Masks can be combined, multiple entries should be delimited with ; (semicolon): *.doc; *.xls; *.ppt, or just with space:*.htm *.html *.css

If you want to synchronize all files, you can use *.* mask or just leave field empty.

Using folders in file filters

In addition to folders fitering you can specify folder names in file filters. In some specific cases you might find such filters useful: "dat\*.db; docs\*.txt"

Excluding files

Sometimes it is easier to specify few file types to skip, than enumerate many files you work with. In this case you can use Exclude mode - by pressing button, you tell program to skip files listed by mask from synchronization. Note that button is highlighted when pressed, so you can quickly identify your filters will be treated for exclusion.

If you need to combine both include and exclude masks, you will have to use special syntax: use ! to separate include and exclude parts: *.doc ! back* will include all doc files except those starting with back, like backup.doc. Exclude mode should not be used in this case. However, if you switch it on, it's handled in a special way - by inverting exclusion part of filter. That's is if you use above filter with exclude mode, only .doc files matching also back* pattern will be listed.

Named filters

Usually you will work with same file types everyday. To simplify this work Synchronize It! offers you ability to store often used file types set with name and quickly select it later.

To select one of preconfigured filters press arrow button next to the mask field. Once you will select a filter, appropriate file mask will appear in editing field, and filter name will be shown below. This name will notify you that your filter is OK and you can synchronize files without checking that all files are included.

You can adjust filters sets in View > Options > File Filters, or directly from Start dialog by choosing Edit list menu item.

Advanced filters

One day you may find that filtering files by name is just not enough - as an example, you may want to synchronize just files which you have modified today. For such cases Synchronize It! includes advanced filters feature, which is accessible when Advanced filters button is pressed.

You can use following filters:

  • filter by date - either with "not older than" rule, or by specifying date range for absolute date values;
  • filter by file size - you can include only files which are bigger or smaller than some limit;
  • skip system and hidden files;
  • Use archive bit;

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