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Options : Text comparison

Some comparison rules require Synchronize It! to compare files content to verify if files are actually equal. Default byte-by-byte comparison is fast and reliable for this purpose, however when using various text files such comparison could be not enough. As an example, adding single blank(space) at the line end can be considered as insignificant change, however binary comparison will report files are different.

To solve this problem Synchronize It! can use special rules when comparing text files. You can specify several comparison rules for different file types.

First rule in list is always Default - this rule is used for all text files, which are not covered by your custom rules. If you want smart comparison to be applied only for specific files, simply disable Default rule by clearing checkbox next to it. These checkboxes allows you to quickly enable\disable rules.

  • Name - rule name for your reference;
  • Mask - either a file mask, or combination of existing predefined sets;
  • Ignore case - different letter's case will be ignored (House=house);
  • Ignore empty lines - inserted empty lines will be ignored;
  • Ignore line ending - difference is line-ending style (Win, MAC, Unix) will be ignored;
  • Ignore all blanks - all blanks in lines ignored ("this is my house"="th i smyh ouse");
  • leading - ignoring blanks at line beginning ("_this is my house"="this is my house");
  • trailing - ignoring blanks at line end ("this is my house_"="this is my house");
  • not-word - ignore blanks between letters and syntax characters("this is my house_!"="this is my house!");
  • multiple - sequence of several blanks in row will be considered same as just one("this___is_my_house"="this_is_my_house");

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