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Options : Interface

This page lets you tweak interface a bit for Synchronize It!

Save modified session on preview This option defines what will Synchronize It! do if you select a sessions, change it, and press Preview!
  • if set: session will be updated with new data;
  • if cleared: session will be not be saved, next time you select this session you will see previous settings. This doesn't affect your current synchronization process though;
  • if grayed: you will asked what to do in each case.
Always show arrows buttons in Start Dialogs Probably you have seen these arrows in Start Dialog, which only appear if you hover Source\target areas with mouse. This option lets you make them always visible
Preview by doubleclick on Session This option allows you to quickly start preview by doubleclicking Session/Project name in list
Sync files in collapsed folders Change this if you don't want to files in "closed" folder in result view to be copied.
No confirmations on Do It Now! Disable confirmations when performing Do It Now! action
Disable other confirmations Change default state of "No confirmations" switch on start dialog. Note that you can change confirmations switch interactively any time, this option only select it's default state.
Show full folder names By default Synchronize It! displays only related path in Result List. With this options you can show full names always
Cursor follows search As folders are searched for files, cursor follows new items in Result List. You can disable this behaviour, if you don't like it.

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