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Log file

Synchronize It! can generate log file, listing there all actions it does - copying, overwriting and deleting files. Log file is in HTML format, allowing you easily see status of each operation.

We do not limit log file by size. Instead we have chosen to limit it by number of work sessions. Do not confuse it with our Synchronization Sessions - work session is just all the time you work with selected folders comparison results. You can copy few files with DoItNow!, copy all selected files using Synchronize! button, then copy some more files with DoItNow! - all your actions will be considered as single work session and will be listed in single log file section.

Following options are available for tweaking logs generation:

  • Log file - select where to generate log file;
  • Number of last sessions stored - specify how many work sessions you want to keep in log;
  • Log errors only - set this option if you don't want to keep log of successful file operations;
  • Log unattended runs only - use this option if you do not want to log your manual actions. In this case log will be updated only when you use /auto mode.

Changing log file style

Synchronize It! constantly updates same report file, preserving CSS table untouched. You can use this fact to change file style - just generate log file once (do any file action), then change CSS table in the beginning of the file. When Synchronize It! will add session to log file next time, it will keep your changes.
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