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Synchronize It! Quick Start

Working with Synchronize It! is pretty much straightforward, especially when doing common tasks.

The central of your synchronization work in Synchronize It! will be Start Dialog, where you can specify what you want to do. At first sight it may seem a bit cluttered with controls, however with time you will appreciate its ability to show all settings on single screen, so you can do what you need without messing with multiple windows.

Start Dialog will be opened for you after application start, and is always accessible with a single click () or keystroke (F2).

Answer yourself these questions, filling appropriate fields in Start Dialog:

1. What do you want to synchronize?

Select objects you want to work with. It could be your local folders, as well as archives, ftp sites, or special synchronization objects, such as snapshot or package. To select object, you can either type full path in field or press '...' button and browse for it.

Do you want to include subfolders?
Just set "Include subfolders" checkbox to right position.

2. Which files do you want to copy?

Enter file mask, covering files you want to use. Empty mask will include all files.

3. How do you want to synchronize your data?

Synchronize It! has several preset rules for common tasks - 2 way Synchronize, Update Target, Backup, and Duplicate Source.

Preview results

Once you have answered all questions and set appropriate options in Start Dialog, press Preview button. Synchronize It! will scan your folders, build file list and present it to you, highlighting what it is going to copy and where to.

If you want, you can review results, deselect some files, change copy direction etc.

Do the job

Once you get the list and reviewed it, you can press Synchronize button that will actually start copying files.

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