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This topic lists the improvements that were implemented with each consecutive version of Synchronize It!

Version 3.5 (7.12.2009)

  • Windows 7 compatibility;
  • Alternative Compatibility copying mode;
  • Optional verifying files after copying;
  • Sparse files support;
  • FTP can use Text mode transfer for selected files;
  • General exclude list added;
  • Drive names can be used as variables;
  • A lot of small UI improvements;

Version 3.4 (1.07.2008)

  • Better Vista compatibility;
  • Support large (4GB+) files and archives;
  • Option to copy NTFS permissions;
  • Zip password support;
  • Unicode version can now store files with unicode names in zip;
  • Certain file types can be stored in zip without compression;
  • Folder junctions can be handled as files;
  • Better files and folder filtering;
  • A lot of small UI improvements;

Version 3.3 (18.06.2007)

  • New FTP engine, with detailed connection logging;
  • Vista support;
  • External archivers configuration can be edited directly in Options;
  • Custom colors and color schemes;
  • Folders time and attributes are copied;
  • New command line switches, including reporting and printing;
  • Relative paths support in Sessions, Tools and Archives;
  • A lot of small tweaks for better UI.

Version 3.2 (1.09.2006)

  • You can quickly select just few sessions from Project to run;
  • Total size of files to copy now displayed in status;
  • More command line switches added;
  • Added ability to display progress in auto-mode;
  • File search panel;
  • Smart text files comparison added;
  • Sync of deleted files with packages added;
  • Current session name is shown in title;
  • Added option to delete empty folders after all files were deleted;
  • Archive bit support;
  • You can drag file from result list by CTRL+Right mouse button;
  • Optional preview by doubleclicking Session\Project in list;
  • Fixed numerous UI bugs.

Version 3.1 (21.06.2006)

  • Start dialog is now resizable;
  • Keyboard customization added;
  • Options import/export;
  • Option to change local files time during FTP sync;
  • Filters can be used in composite mode;
  • Advanced filters now can be used with projects.

Version 3.03 (24.05.2006)

  • Folders attributes are now copied;
  • Creating of lists during FTP session is disabled by default;
  • Option to save changed session before sync;
  • Multiple small improvements and fixes.

Version 3.02 (19.05.2006)

  • fixed problem with empty folders;
  • Empty folders will be deleted if all files were deleted;
  • few small improvements

Version 3.01 (16.05.2006)

  • fixed several found bugs;
  • Sessions and projects lists can be reorganized by mouse;
  • ftp password storage is more secure;

Version 3.0 (10.05.2006)

  • completely new version with new interface;
  • built-in support for zip archives and FTP;
  • printed and HTML reports on folders comparison;
  • several synchronization modes.

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