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Keyboard Shortcuts, Toolbar Buttons, Menu Commands Statistics Advanced functions

This topic lists the main (default) keyboard shortcuts you can use in Compare It! In addition, it shows the equivalent toolbar button and menu command you can use to perform the same action.

Note: You can adjust these keyboard shortcuts to suit your preferences. See Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts for instructions.

Note: At any time you can check the full list of current shortcuts under Help > Keyboard menu

The order of the table below matches the order of the buttons on the toolbar. See other shortcuts for keyboard shortcuts and menu options that do not have an equivalent toolbar button.

Button Description Shortcut Menu Command
Compare files Open the Enhanced Open File dialog box to select files to compare. CTRL + O File > Compare files
Select files Open the Select files dialog box to select files to compare. CTRL + SHIFT + O File > Select files
Save all Save all your changes in both files. CTRL + S File > Save all
Print Print report. CTRL + P File > Print
Print preview Preview your report in a preview window from where you can then print the report.   File > Print preview
Switch edit mode Switch between edit and read-only modes for the source and target files. F9 Edit > Edit mode
Undo Undo your last action. CTRL + Z Edit > Undo
Find combo box Go to the Find combo box. CTRL + D  
Find next Find next. F3 Edit > Find,
then click Find next button
Previous difference Move to the previous difference. F7 or ALT + UP ARROW View > Prev Diff
Next difference Move to the next difference. F8 or ALT + DOWN ARROW View > Next Diff
Difference to destination Copy difference to destination. ALT + RIGHT ARROW Merge > Copy >>
Line to destination Copy line to destination. CTRL + ALT + RIGHT ARROW Merge > Line to Dest
Move to next difference after edit Toggle on to move to the next difference after an edit operation.   Options > Move next
Line to source Copy line to source. CTRL + ALT + LEFT ARROW Merge > Line to Src
Difference to source Copy difference to source. ALT + LEFT ARROW Merge > Copy <<
Rescan files Rescan files. F5 View > Rescan
Options Set options.   Options > Options
Help Access context help F1 Help > Help

You can customize default toolbar by choosing Options > Toolbar... menu item.

Several additional buttons can be placed on toolbar:

Button Description Shortcut Menu Command
Paste Paste text from clipboard into editor pane. CTRL + V Edit > Paste
Copy Copy selected text to clipboard. CTRL + C Edit > Copy
Copy Diff Copy current changes block to clipboard.   Edit > Copy Diff
Cut Delete current selection and place it to clipboard. CTRL + X Edit > Cut
Show line number Toggle line numbers display.   View > Line numbers
Horizontal view Toggle horizontal layout. CTRL + H View > Horizontal view
Switch sides Switch left and right panes. CTRL + I View > Switch sides
Changes only Toggle Changes Only mode.   View > Changes only
Regular expressions usage Toggle Regular expressions usage.   Options > Options > Comparison
Regular expressions... Choose Regular expressions to use.    
WWW Visit Compare It! homepage.   Help > Home page

Other Shortcuts


Description Shortcut Menu Command
Move to the next bookmark. F2 Edit > Next bookmark
Switch active panel F6 or TAB  
Activate menu F10  
Exit Compare It! ALT + F4 or ESC File > Exit
Find the next change in the same line ALT + F8 View > Next line change
Find the previous change in the same line ALT + F7 View > Prev line change
Switch bookmark CTRL + F2 Edit > Switch bookmark
Find the word under cursor or selection CTRL + F3  
Find previous SHIFT + F3  
Display context menu SHIFT + F10 or right-click  
Enable/Disable syntax highlighting F11 Options > Enable Syntax
Switch Ignore's usage CTRL + F11 Options > Ignore Nothing
Insert TAB character in editor CTRL + TAB  
Open Search for dialog box CTRL + F Edit > Find
Go to line number CTRL + G View > Go to line
Switch horizontal/vertical layout CTRL + H View > Horizontal View
Swap files in source and target panes CTRL + I View > Switch Sides
Toggle IgnoreDiff mark CTRL + K Merge > Ignore Diff
Toggle ManualMatch anchor CTRL + M Marge > Manual Match
Open Replace dialog CTRL + R Edit > Replace
Increase font size CTRL + Gray+  
Decrease font size CTRL + Gray-  
Reset font size CTRL + *  


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