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About Compare It!

Compare It! is a full-featured visual file comparison and merging tool that allows you to compare and work with different versions of the same text file. A color-coded side-by-side comparison makes it easy to understand the differences between two files at a glance.

Main Features

  • The overview bar helps you to see an overall picture of changes.
  • Differences are shown within lines.
  • The full-featured editor has wordwrap, syntax highlighting, undo, search & replace, and bookmark functionality.
  • Windows/DOS, UNIX, and Mac text files are supported.
  • A Unicode version for full support of national fonts is available.
  • You can customize colors, fonts, file and line compare options, and even filters for the Open File dialog box.
  • Compare It! has unique features to integrate with your file manager.
  • Navigation and merging are difference-based. You can use your mouse or keyboard for actions.
  • Compare It! has an enhanced implementation of the File Open Dialog.
  • Multiple users are supported.
  • Compare It! is easy to install, delete, move or take with you.
  • You can print comparison results and generate HTML and text reports with various options.
  • Converters support helps you to compare non-text files.
  • Zip archives support lets you compare a file with its archived copy.

Want More?

Check out the future releases topic, and feel free to send me your great ideas.

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