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What's new in Compare It! 4.0

  • Support for alternative viewers

    Now you can compare and merge binary files with full editing support right in comparison panes. Also, Compare It! can display images side-by-side:

    images side-by-side

    same files compared binary

  • Automatch rules allow you to visually align lines in structured files using extracted key values.

  • IFilter support helps extracting text from non-text files, or remove formatting, e.g. you can view HTML files without tags.

  • It was possible to ignore comments before with RegExps, but now you can do this with simple option, and it will work for all supported syntaxes.

  • Separate mode will help in case you don't need to align different lines.

  • Unlock scroll - finally you can scroll panes independently.

  • Folder comparison - generation of multiple comparison reports is now available from menu, and it will help you to prepare command line for unattended usage.

  • Vista support


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