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Compare It! 3 version history:

    Version 3.2:
  • New reports added: HTML2, Same, Merged;
  • File lists support for printing and report generating tasks;
  • Option added to specify number of context lines for Changes only mode;
  • Merging is now possible in Changes only mode;
  • Improved moved sections detection;
  • Context menu to display system file's properties is available by right-clicking file title;
    Version 3.1:
  • Detect and visualize moved sections;
  • Added ability to specify print margins;
  • Added ability to use bold/italic/crossed font attributes along with coloring;
  • Added alternative regexp usages;
  • Files names are now included in title for easy navigation;
  • Added option to ignore special escape characters;
  • Variuos bug fixes and small improvements.
    Version 3.04:
  • Bug fixes, including resources leak under 9x/Me;
  • Toolbar customization is possible again;
  • Edit Mode state after start is configurable;
  • Read-only files protection;
  • Optional alternative font for printing;
    Version 3.03:
  • Bug fixes;
  • Added ability to choose printer and printing options from print preview;
    Version 3.02:
  • Bug fixes;
  • Selecting printer name to use when printing from command line;
  • Added option to mark out current line;
    Version 3.01:
  • Bug fixes;
  • When generating report in batch mode you can choose to delete report if files are same;
    Version 3.0:
  • Optional registry usage for settings storage;
  • Bug fixes;
    Version 3.0, Beta 3:
  • Custom syntax files support, compatible with free ConTEXT editor;
  • Unicode version is now also available;
    Version 3.0, Beta 2:
  • Zip archive support;
  • Search and replace;
  • Manual match support;
  • Recent files list;
  • "Ignore Nothing" mode;
  • Option to disable syntax highlighting;
  • Further editor improvements and performance improvements;
    Version 3.0, Beta:
  • New, full-featured true editing engine;
  • Word-wrap support;
  • Syntax highlighting;
  • Merge buttons bar, referred to as the MergeBar;
  • Converters support;
  • PaneInfo bar with cursor positions and file date;
  • Filtered view (view changes only);

See also earlier versions history.


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