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What is RSS

RSS - is just a standardized file format for delivering changing Web content. This standard allows many different web sites to provide news in common format, so it can be easily handled by readers. Here is how it works:

  1. Web server provide link to RSS feed, as an example our feed is
  2. While surfing the web you can see these icons: Subscribe to RSS feed or Subscribe to RSS feed - these are standard images for RSS, most modern browsers can display it notifying user that news feed is available.
  3. To handle feeds, you need special program - feed reader, which will load feeds, process them and display news to you.
  4. Now you can add feed of your favorite sites to reader.
  5. Once configured, reader will check for updates routinely either automatically or by your command, and show you what has changed.

Recommended readers

  • Great News - my personal favorite, currently it is in beta so is free. Very nice approach to rss reading, with polished interface and cool presentation.
  • Feed Reader - well known freeware reader
  • Yeah Reader - relatively new reader, with some nice additions, also freeware
  • Sharp Reader - another famous freeware, requires .NET framework.

Now, get some reader, subscribe to our feed, and enjoy gettings news directly to your desktop.

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