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Do you want to supply your users with high-end file comparison/merging tool?

We have number of options for you, depending on how much money you want to spend.

Free distribution

In this scheme you simply include trial version of Compare It! with your package. Users can evaluate it and purchase, if they find it good enough. We can also offer additional discount coupon for your users.

Per-seat license

If you don't want your users to bother about purchasing additional software, you can do it yourself. You will send registration code for Compare It! along with your own licensing information. As redistributor, you will purchase licenses on special price (with more than 50% discounts).

Special version

We can also prepare special build for you, which you can freely distribute among your registered users. Price would vary depending on whether you need full-featured version or some features (ex. printing, reporting) can be removed. Your special version can also be supported and updated on subscription basis.

ActiveX/Dll version

At the moment we are working on providing Compare It! functionality in stand-alone control, which can be used from various environments. It will be available in two editions: "Comparison engine" and "GUI". Comparison engine is a dll, which includes several functions to compare whole text files, distinct lines, and generate reports. GUI module is an ActiveX control covering all Compare It! features - 2 panes view, editor with syntax highlighting, quick merging etc.


If you are interested in additional information on this topic, please feel free to contact us for a custom quote, or send your comments right now. [Please enter your mail, if you expect answer.]:

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