UI: Long folder names

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UI: Long folder names

Post by Gerrit »


Some feedback on the User Interface.

I find my sync-tasks usually include long folder names and although the preview window displays the folder names as tool tips the tip in the right pane is still left aligned and stick out of my screen. I still cannot read the folder name. Do you think you can make that one right aligned?

I have a difficulty with the window that displays the filter/exclude folders. The folder names are so long, that they simply do not display conveniently. Could you not make this window sizeable for us?

A tool tip that displays what the different items contain in the drop down lists containing the history of the filter/exclude folders would be very much appreciated!

I like the possibility to give wildcards in the folder names. But it is difficult to edit the folders since one cannot ‘walk around’ using the right and left arrows. At that moment the whole folder name is selected again. I would like to be able to use the arrow keys here.

Kind regards, Gerrit

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Post by grigsoft »

Thank you for your continuing support, Gerrit!
1. Probably I could make tooltip to become multiline if it does not fit on screen.
2. Resizable dialog for Folder list - no problems.
3. Tooltips for too-long combobox items - I will try to do that
4. Arrows in editable list - thank you, this is a bug in fact.


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Igor, you're more than welcome! :D I see a lot of potential and I am very happy I can participate during this alpha phase.

I neglected Synchronize It! for more than a year or so after got it when I bought Compare It!.

It was a revelation when I realised it should be install on the pen drive itself to optimally keep work and home computer in synchrony. Sessions, Projects, filters and excludes are now always up-to-date, since they are all stored on the pen drive.


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