How do you make it "go?"

Discussion of new Synchronize It! version.
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How do you make it "go?"

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Sorry if this is incredibly stupid. I used earlier versions. I now have v.3.5. It used to be simple: select the from and to folders and choose scan, then synchronize. I can select from and to folders (from is a mapped network drive; to is an external USB drive). I can't find any menu choice that causes any action after choosing folders for from and to. If I select the icon for rescan, it says "No files were found to synchronize." There are files in both from and to. I put the to files in place in the to folder using Windows Explorer because I could find no other way. Please help an apparent idiot make something happen. Thank you.

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Re: How do you make it "go?"

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If it reports that no files were found, something is probably wrong with your file filters. What do you have in file filter fields, and might it be that Exclude button is pressed?

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