Suggestions to Build 1.0.912

Discussion of new Synchronize It! version.
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Heinz Schmidt
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Suggestions to Build 1.0.912

Post by Heinz Schmidt »

Start-up layout:

1. There are two checkboxes named "Matched only", I think the upper one means "Matched SUBFOLDERS only" ?, maybe renaming it would clear this up.

2. Generally I would like some tooltip-Text to the Buttons : "Exclude Files",
"Save Configurations" , "Expand to Sessions List"


1. I am missing a "Configure" Dialog to Customize the stored Configurations.

2. It would be nice to have the ability to "clone" a given session to
customize this to a new one.

3. The ability to configure projects and sessions in only ONE extended dialog would be very useful to me.

4. Somehow I don't like the seperation of projects/sessions with this tab-control, I would like to see it somehow integrated in the "standard-view". Maybe expanding the standard-view (on pushing the "Expand to sessions/PROJECTS List"-button) with a second List-control with projects would be a good way ?

thank you
Heinz Schmidt

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Post by grigsoft »

1.1. In fact I was trying to make short texts, to avoid visual noise - this dialog is already difficult to read. But I will check this - may be I will write "matched files only"

1.2. Yes, tooltips will be added.

2.1 There will be no special editor for Sessions editing - it can be done directly in Start dialog (just press Save afterall). Still Configure command will be available for tree-like sessions organizing.

2.2. Adding cloone is possible by selecting a session and choosing Add (I guess I will rename it to Save as)

2.3. Probably mentioned sessions organizing dialog will be combined with Projects editor, I guess you want to change Sessions folders/options as well. I will think about it, thank you for suggestion!

2.4. The problem is what to show in Source/Target fields etc. I have tried adding button similar to Sessions, but it would open another list, with projects. It is OK, but how to show what will be synced?

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