Destination Full not notifying

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Destination Full not notifying

Post by Gargantubrain »

With 2.82, when the file copy fails because of insufficient space available, you are notified of the fact and asked if you want to continue the synchronization process.

With the latest 1.0.912, it doesn't notify you that anything has gone wrong.
It does leave the uncopied file "checked" which is your only indication that something has gone wrong.

Personally, I like it not stopping the whole sync in the middle like 2.82 did, but you need to include a way to warn of errors at the end (but make it configurable to satisfy people who don't want it to stop or prompt for any reason). With a large list of files it would be too much work to scroll through the list to see if there is still a file tagged.

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Post by grigsoft »

You are right, currently no errors handling is yet implemented. There will be new scheme - sync would not be stopped (unless same serious error occured, like not enough space - but it will be checked before), errors will get to special list, automatically retried later, and only then presented to user at the end of process.

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