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Posted: Mon Oct 04, 2010 9:32 pm
by glenmcd
A scan for me often reveals thousands of folder and tens of thousands of files that need attention in some way. It's very difficult to deal with this task size without some better way of handling it in Synchronize It!. Being able to collapse folders is a good first step. Putting a tick box on each folder that acts on all files within and all subfolders is a good next step. After that, add some way of collapsing to next higher level. For example, let's say I've got folders A, B, C ... Z. The scan shows a few hundred files / folders in A, and a few thousand in B etc. I might decide that I want to reverse everything shown in the "B" folder. With the way that Synchronize It! currently works, this becomes a time consuming task, forcing me to page through perhaps hundreds or thousands of pages, looking for the start and end of the group I want to take action on. Instead, I'd like to use left/right arrows (similar to how Windows Explorer expands / collapses subfolders) to start from any file, working my way up / down, and then hitting some other key for the action I want. Stuff like reverse, delete both, do it now, and all of this happens on the current selection. If this is only one line but that line is a collapsed folder, then the action should happen on the entire folder and subfolders / files. The key word here is hierarchy.

Re: view styles

Posted: Wed Oct 13, 2010 1:45 pm
by grigsoft
Thank you, you are right. I was planning to add full hierarchy support in future.