Package file grows

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Package file grows

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I am using Synchronize It! to synchronize file systems during two months. It is a file system of 100Gb containing 1 million files. It does take approx 6 hours to load the package file and see what have to be changed. If you have tips to make that faster, please let me know.

But I also found a bug: the package file size is not cleared after a full round trip.
This is how I did it:
1. Make a package file of the target system (synchronize from the file system to a package)
2. Tranfer the file to the source system (contains the \list directory, 12Mb)
3. Synchronize the source file system into the package (does make a \FILES and \LIST in the package)
4. Transfer the file to the target system location (2,5 Gb)
5. Synchronize the package with the file system on the target location. Package file is updated and only contains the \LIST directory but the size is grown to 4,2 gb).
6. Transfer the package to the source system (4,2 Gb)
7. Update the package with the latest status of the source file system (again a \FILES and \LIST in the package, 4.6 Gb)

If I unpack the 4,6 package with WinRAR I get the file list and 100MB of files to be synchronized.
It seems that the package size is not updated the right way, or did I make a mistake somewhere?
Is it possible to create the package again after unpacking it with WinRAR? Does I need special options or an other tool?

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