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PDFMAKER PDF files contain garbage when comparing

Posted: Thu Mar 11, 2010 10:58 am
by jdigeorgio
We just started using CompareIT and noticed that it compares many of our PDF files with no problems. We noticed on some others that some of the data is appearing with strange characters on the screen so it's not able to compare the files properly. The PDFs are being sent to us from the same source - but I notice some are created with PDFMAKER and some are created from Word or Excel. Those made with PDFMAKER are the only ones with the garbage issue. I noticed several posts on this forum related to PDF issues but not this particular distinction. Is this a setting issue or am I missing something else. Again - we are brand new users of the tool. Thanks.

Re: PDFMAKER PDF files contain garbage when comparing

Posted: Fri Mar 12, 2010 7:18 am
by grigsoft
In case this was not you, who I have wrote an email on same issue today, I will explain here.
CompareIt compares pdf files by extracting text from it. Unfortunately, some pdf files just can not be processed in this was - since it can be created so it will include image with text on it, not just text.
On other hand, some new pdf files are not processed by pdf library we use. In our recent beta ( we have alternative pdf library. To use it, get this version, open files with it, and switch to View>ViewAs>MSWord. New word conversion can handle pdf too. If this would help, you can add *.pdf to office filters to use it automatically. In future CompareIt will use this library itself if main would fail to handle the file.

Re: PDFMAKER PDF files contain garbage when comparing

Posted: Sat Mar 13, 2010 12:38 pm
by jdigeorgio
Thanks - it was me that received your email as well. We will try the beta. But there is one other point I should make. As I said in the email - all users at my company received the exact same version of CompareIT at the same time (4.1). Many PDF files will compare just fine - there is a only a problem with some PDFs not wanting to display in the window correctly (we see garbage). Adding to this mix - I personally can compare all PDF files with no problem at all on my PC (no garbage) - but I have the full Adobe Acrobat on my PC. Those users who are having problems with some PDF files only have the Adobe Free Reader installed. I don't know if this info helps - but that's clearly one difference in those who are having problems and those who are not. Hopefully the beta will fix this?