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Download WinDiff here!

WinDiff can be found in Options Packs for most Windows versions. Still a lot of people are searching the internet, trying to get WinDiff without downloading huge Option Pack. Due to multiple requests, we have decided to make WinDiff available for download directly from our site, since we have here comparison charts anyways.

Download Windiff file comparison tool, all Windows © platforms: (75 Kb)

For developers, interested in WinDiff source code:
Download WinDiff source code, pure C/WinAPI, adapted for MSVC 6.0 project file: (150 Kb)
Note that these sources do not correspond to latest binary I could find, but it is still useful.

Searching for something faster and smarter than WinDiff?
Need to compare MS Word and Excel files?

Try downloading also free trial (850K) of Compare It! - our compare and merge tool.
It is much faster, support editing and merging, word-wrap, syntax highlighting etc.

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