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Compare files with Speed Commander

This article shows how to use our file compare tool with Speed Commander - 2-panels file manager from Germany.

Speed Commander ( is a nice-looking two panels file manager, with built-in support for multiple archives types, quick view, and several original features not found in competitor's tools. Since this program is from Germany, it becomes extremely popular in German-speaking countries. SC has built-in folder synchronization utility, but lacks file comparison tool. So Compare It! could be useful addon for files comparison and merging purposes.

1. Adding user's tools
Compare It! in Users tools Our first step would be using "Users tools" feature to configure Compare It!. Select menu Extra > User's tools > Configure command, and add 2 commands there. One will be used to compare two selected files in active and passive panes, and another one will invoke our tool to compare selected file in active pane with file with same name from passive pane, using unique FileName AutoComplete feature of Compare It!

to compare selected files;
to compare selected file with auto-found file from second pane;

2. Adding toolbar buttons

Once we have added our commands to Speed Commander, we can create toolbar buttons for easier commands access.
Choose Extra > Customize menu item, select Commands page, find User tools category in list. Then just drag our Compare It! buttons to the appropriate place on toolbar.
While SC does not allow to choose another icon for toolbar button, it provides you with built-in icon editor, so you can modify icons on your taste.

2. Assigning keyboard shortcuts

To use SC's ability for customization in full range, we can add keyboard shortcut for our files comparison tools. To do this, select Extra > Customize menu item again, page Keyboard, category User tools, and set key combination for one or both commands.

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