More small Suggestions for Upcoming Release

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More small Suggestions for Upcoming Release

Postby brahman » Sat Nov 28, 2009 9:43 pm

Hi Igor,

here are a couple of small suggestions, which would be nice, if you could incorporate them in your upcoming 3.5 release:

1.) "Pause" & "Resume" buttons
It would be great if SI had the ability to pause a longer synch or preview process. Then the user can stop and resume longer jobs at will, so that processing power and hard drive can become available again as needed.

2.) An option to switch "history files" off or on at the select folders screen
Most people probably use history files only for certain synch jobs, and keep them off otherwise. This addition would make it easier.

3.) An option to switch "history files" off or on at the individual session and project level
Again, most people probably use history files only for certain folder pairs, and keep it off otherwise. To be able to do it individually for sessions will make this easier.

4.) Propagation of descript.ion information
When copying files,it would be nice to have desript.ion file comments travel with the files.

5.) Move / Delete / Rename Single Files
Please see here
and here
It would be very nice if you could add these long awaited and requested features in this release.

6.) Single Folder Refresh
As recently suggested this often requested feature would make life much easier:

Am I asking for too much? (Actually I would also LOVE to have IP connect, but I do not want to appear too greedy ... ;) )

I know you are genius coder and can give us these small additions, which make a better user experience possible, in no-time.

I think we are all looking forward to a great 3.5 release. :D



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Re: More small Suggestions for Upcoming Release

Postby grigsoft » Mon Nov 30, 2009 6:48 pm

Thank you! I'm afraid Folder rescan will be left out for next update - it turned out that I have not kept it in mind during design, and now that's a bit difficult to implement. And I don't want to change a lot before release.
As for History usage, it's not a problem to put it to Advanced filters, as an example. However this could ruin idea of history files - if you forget to set it few times. Good solution would be some single history storage instead of current files, where you can say to use history for list of folders. This is planned.

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