Lost all Sessions and my Project

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Lost all Sessions and my Project

Postby jessejames4 » Mon Apr 17, 2017 7:40 pm

I'm on a Win 10 box... went to set up the Synchronize It! batch file in the Task Manager and found that even though I did not have the "Hide" box checked on startup, the program would not open like it normally does. Maybe this is a Win 10 OS Task Manager issue but I found that I had four instances of Synchronize It! running before I realized it was running in the background.

Also, after closing all running instances, I had to re-register the program and I lost a few hours of programming my "Sessions" and the "Project". They are gone!

1. Is there any way to recover my lost Sessions/Project?
2. Is there anyway to backup the Sessions/Project information one I have entered everything?
3. Anyway to have only "one instance" running?

I can't believe no one has posted here since 2012? Is there another more current forum?

I'm on version 3.5.


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Re: Lost all Sessions and my Project

Postby grigsoft » Tue Apr 18, 2017 7:38 am

Sorry about this issue. I have not worked out this scenario, when several instances are running and one is configured. I guess I can handle this more accurately.

As for forum, it was closed several years due to spam.

There is no option for single instance currently, since having several windows opened is a common practice often.

You can try to recover lost settings though. Do you have your settings saved in ini file or in registry? Check for wndsync.reg file in installation folder - if it's there, check registry in
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\grigsoft.com\Synchronize It!\Synchronize It!
There could be your sessions listed. If you can find them, check for "Sessions" key in "Options" folder.
If your settings are in ini file, search for wndsync.ini, and you will find same there.

Once configured, you can backup settings from Options dialog - check for Export button.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Lost all Sessions and my Project

Postby jessejames4 » Fri Jun 16, 2017 10:48 pm

Got everything back, thank God. I now have everything set up in "Projects" that I run every Friday manually. I figured out a get-around on the issue.

Here's another question when you have time: I have a file name by the system: $RECYCLE.BIN on some of my external drives. I went into "View", "Settings" down to "Comparison" and excluded the file "$RECYCLE.BIN" but it keeps coming up when I "Synchronize" causing problems. When I do a "Properties" on the bin file I get "IndexerVolumeGuid".

Is there any other place to exclude files? I also have excluded system volume information as well.


PS Sorry to hear about the forum. This is a fantastic program!!

Update: got the "system volume information" file excluded but still working on the bin file.

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Re: Lost all Sessions and my Project

Postby Gingko » Wed Aug 16, 2017 5:55 am


This is also an issue that I get several times (about maybe once every 4-5 months), probably since I use Windows 10: unexpectedly loosing all sessions, projects, settings, registration and language. I cannot tell clearly when it happens as it may be different each time, but last time (today) it was when I had to hardly reboot a not responding Windows while Synchronise It! was open.

I use the wndsync.ini file (not the registry) for saving, I know where it is, but this doesn't help me, because if everything has been lost, I just get there a “fresh new” wndsync.ini file with everything lost inside.

I can generally recover from a backup, but as I don't think to copy the wndsync.ini file after each session, most of the time, I recover from a quite old wndsync.ini with all recent changes lost.


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