Saving and Loading Option Sets

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Saving and Loading Option Sets

Postby csbole » Wed Sep 15, 2004 3:05 pm

It would be very convenient in Compare It! to be able to save an options setup so it could be reloaded at a later time.

I especially use particular column ranges and treatments of spaces with the comparison of particular sets of files. Being able to save and then retrieve these sets of options by name would help. Also an option item which reset the options to the install default would be good.

As a point of interest, I've tried to name column ranges in a clipboard enhancer so that I can paste in various column range settings and this, as an example, seems to work as a column-range:

2-5,14-31 /*** 1e29.txt ***/

The "comment" doesn't seem to prevent the column-range from working and it helps remind me the file for which the column-range works.


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